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Email Address:
The Cozy Quilt
8108 N Division, Suite B
Spokane, WA 99208
(509) 464-2425
 Monday - Thursday 
Friday - Saturday 
Labor Day:  Closed

The years have flown by since we opened THE COZY QUILT over eleven years ago.  We’ve seen the store grow and expand.  The move to our present location almost four years ago has proven to be beneficial to the store and customers alike.  As I look over the store I am proud of what we have created, but also can see areas that could be expanded upon.  After much discussion, Greg and I have decided that it is time to retire and bring in a fresh, new vision for THE COZY QUILT.  We are announcing that THE COZY QUILT is for sale.   If you have an interest in getting more information please make an appointment.


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